Working Lands Trust, a leading non-profit land trust dedicated to conserving North Carolina’s agricultural lands and working forests, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded four grants totaling $1,172,301.34. These grants will permanently conserve 452 acres of working land on four farms in Onslow and Rockingham counties. The funding has been generously provided by Working Land Trust’s valued partners at The N.C. Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund.

According to the American Farmland Trust, North Carolina is projected to lose over 1.1 million acres of farmland by 2040. In light of this staggering statistic, the grants received by Working Lands Trust are a significant step towards safeguarding our state’s crucial agricultural resources for future generations.

Mikey Fulk, the Executive Director of Working Lands Trust, expressed her gratitude for the grants, stating, “We are thrilled to receive four grants totaling more than 1 million dollars from our partners at The N.C. Agricultural Development and Farmland Preservation Trust Fund. As North Carolina’s only land trust solely dedicated to conserving the state’s food and fiber industry, this funding will further ensure permanent protection of the lands vital to all North Carolinians.”

The protection of these 452 acres will not only contribute to the preservation of North Carolina’s agricultural heritage but also support the economic viability of local farmers and the surrounding communities. By safeguarding working lands, Working Lands Trust aims to support our rural communities and foster a resilient food system that benefits both present and future generations, statewide.

For more information about Working Lands Trust and the farmland preservation grants, please contact Mikey Fulk, Executive Director, at 336-460-2562 or



About Working Lands Trust:

Working Lands Trust is a nonprofit land trust serving all of NC and is dedicated to conserving North Carolina’s food and fiber industry. By partnering with farmers, landowners, and community stakeholders, Working Lands Trust protects and preserves working lands, ensuring the sustainability of agriculture and the vitality of rural communities across the state. For more information, please visit