Photo: Geoff Wood

Lisa began her career in 2005 with Lowcountry Land Trust (LLT), a local non-profit land conservation organization based in Charleston, SC. She then returned to her home state of Georgia to continue her work in land conservation. “Conservation has always been a calling and a passion for me, and I have always loved being a part of the non-profit and land trust communities,” she explains. After being a part of the significant growth and success of Lowcountry Land Trust, and being mentored by some of the best conservationists in South Carolina, Lisa wanted to find a way to share her experience and skills to support other land trusts and conservation groups, particularly those in the earlier stages of development or in the process of growth. Additionally, she saw the need for many organizations to fill a temporary gap in capacity due to special projects or other timely opportunities and needs. Thus, Peace of Land was born with the vision of supporting land trusts and other partners in land conservation. Today, Lisa has moved back to SC to continue her work.

Lisa has a Master of Science degree in Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Ecology from the University of Georgia. She held brief positions for county, state, and federal agencies while gaining experience during her college career, including Gwinnett County Public Utilities, SC Department of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management, and the US Forest Service. Lisa is also recognized for her GIS education, experience, and achievements as a certified GIS Professional (GISP) through the international certification program at GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).

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